Green-Eating Challenge

Blog Post 1: Saving the world… one dietary restriction at a time.

The YouTube premiere of The Environmentalist Digest. Goal: define what “eating healthy” means for me. I will be trying out different dietary lifestyles, and reporting on their impacts to my personal health. (and the health of the environment!!) Welcome to… my Green-Eating Challenge!

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Blog Post 2: 4 Forgotten Benefits of Food. Besides nutrition, what can we gain from food security?

Civil Eats:


Blog Post 3: What to expect… when you’re on a detox cleanse.

Just your average “How to”, or at least what to look forward to, while on a detox cleanse. The Environmentalist Digest here, to bring you the ups and downs of only eating smoothies for 3 days…

Dr. Oz 3-day Detox Cleanse:

Detox made safe and simple:

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Blog Post 4: Veggie Living: Why you should make the switch.  (or at least think about it)

Introducing just one more reason to switch from a meat-heavy diet to a veggie-lovers delight. Exposing some issues with meat production, and the role of meat consumption in our society.

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Blog Post 5: What to expect… when you become a vegetarian.

Going into my third week as a vegetarian, I’ve been thinking a lot about individual perceptions of dietary lifestyles like being a vegetarian. And here, I think, are some misconceptions about what being on a veggie-diet means.

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