Saving the world… one dietary restriction at a time.

The YouTube premiere of The Environmentalist Digest. Goal: define what “eating healthy” means for me. I will be trying out different dietary lifestyles, and reporting on their impacts to my personal health. (and the health of the environment!!) Welcome to… my Green-Eating Challenge!


Diet “how to” – Snack Factor

The Snack Factor diet consists of roughly 5 ‘meals’ a day. You have your standard breakfast, lunch and dinner (at slightly smaller portions, ¬†about 350 – 400 cal.), plus at least 2 snacking periods of around 100-150 cal. each. Each meal is high in fresh fruits and veggies, with limited processed food and limited simple carbs (pasta…). Each snack is designed to be high in protein and fiber, to keep you feeling full until that next meal. The easy thing about this diet: there are NO actual dietary restrictions.

I naturally live this lifestyle because:

1. I love snacks, and I get hungry between meals.

2. I am a fairly healthy eater (most days) – I LOVE fruits and veggies.

3. Balancing out my carbs, protein, and fat, is what makes me feel the most healthy on a regular basis.

The idea behind its magic: if your metabolism is constantly working at low levels, then your body will stabilize and keep off those pounds!