Day 7: 1 Final Reflection on Health, Dieting and Self Image


A happy picture for a happy ending. Tulip garden around the state capital in Madison, WI.

Well, I made it! The end of my 7-Day Food Countdown has finally arrived. 6 days and 6 blog posts later, I find myself taking a more serious note to today’s final reflection of my Green-Eating Challenge.

At the beginning of the semester, I visited with a nutritionist at University Health Services here at UW-Madison so that I could make sure that my Green-Eating Challenge would not hinder my health in any way. I was worried about nutrient deficiencies and fatigue, but I left with another health risk I had not thought about… distorted self image.

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7 Items for Domesticated Caveman Survival

Caveman Problems

Just a girl trying to be a caveman.

Being a caveman is no easy task, especially when you grew up with home-baked goods as a daily expectation. I used to think that being Paleo, or restricting your diet in any way, meant that you shouldn’t even bother with re-creating what you are trying to cut out. For example, veggie burgers. Why bother if you know that it will never be quite the same as that juicy charcoal-grilled hamburger patty?

But since starting my Green-Eating Challenge, my mind has ever-so-slightly shifted to accepting these craving-induced mocks of the original.

I still think that if you are trying to change your diet for the better, whether that means cutting out sweets, meats or grains, it is an opportunity to expand your horizons. Try out something new! Push your limits! And switch out some of those old recipe go-tos for healthier alternatives.

For Paleo however, restrictions are to the extreme. And despite the potentially energy-boosting effects of a caveman diet, sometimes you have to find an outlet to satisfy your more domestic cravings. To help you out with this transition (because the struggle is real…), here are 7 must-have ingredients for domesticated caveman survival. Continue reading

7-Day Food Countdown


7 more days til these are all mine!! (well, fresh ones of course…)

With the spring semester of my Senior year winding down, and so little time to make up for my mini “hiatus” from the blogging world, I am launching a 7-day food countdown! Every day, for 7 days, I will be posting helpful lists and pieces of wisdom that I have gained from trying out Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo dietary lifestyles. Continue reading