Day 7: 1 Final Reflection on Health, Dieting and Self Image


A happy picture for a happy ending. Tulip garden around the state capital in Madison, WI.

Well, I made it! The end of my 7-Day Food Countdown has finally arrived. 6 days and 6 blog posts later, I find myself taking a more serious note to today’s final reflection of my Green-Eating Challenge.

At the beginning of the semester, I visited with a nutritionist at University Health Services here at UW-Madison so that I could make sure that my Green-Eating Challenge would not hinder my health in any way. I was worried about nutrient deficiencies and fatigue, but I left with another health risk I had not thought about… distorted self image.

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3 Times GF Alternatives Just Don’t Cut It



My extremely NON-GF Lemon Drop cupcake.

It’s Day 5 of my 7-Day Food Countdown, and only a couple more days left until I am summer-bound!!

While Gluten-Free, I was able to try out some classic GF alternatives with a fair amount of success and satisfaction. But as I soon found out, not all things are created equal. Here are three times that the GF alternative didn’t quite make the cut. Continue reading

5 Veggie Snack Revelations


The beginnings of sweet potato fry magic.

It’s officially Day 3 of my 7-Day Food Countdown, and still going strong!

While being on a vegetarian diet, I’ve found myself searching for new recipes and new vegetables to incorporate into my weekly rotations. Adding variety, adding color, and always excited to go to the grocery store and see what I can find.

I mean, I could just be eating oreos and mac-n-cheese… wait, why I am not doing this?

Just kidding. I know I consume my fair share of sweets, and I may have cookie addiction (something I’m working on…), but honestly, I am finding myself enjoying my food more and looking forward to eating each meal! And not just eating crap. Eating healthy, colorful, veggie-filled, delicious food. Continue reading