My name is Aisha, and I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, studying Life Sciences Communications and Environmental Sciences. As a Madison-native I am used to being surrounded by local food initiatives (e.g. the Dane County Farmer’s Market, Community GroundWorks) and agriculture as a whole. And now, I want to teach others about food systems, public health and environmental health, and how they are playing a dynamic role in the way we live our lives. Graduation date: coming soon. End of life as I know it: coming sooner.

The Game Plan

I will be trying out 4 different dietary lifestyles (“diets”) for 3 weeks each. With a 3-day detox session as a transition period in between each, and to reset my clocks. These diets include: Snack Factor, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo.

For each dietary lifestyle I will:

-Report on my well-being

-Report on the environmental impacts associated with food production.

-Provide resources and tips for others trying to commit to these specific restrictions.

Why do this?

Individuals, and groups of individuals, often have very strong feelings about one lifestyle over another. I want to see if I feel a difference in my own health by trying these different diets. In addition, I hope to learn more about how we can improve food security, accessibility, distribution and utilization in ways that create a sustainable food system for many more generations to come.

**Disclaimer. This is not a traditional diet blog! This is a blog dedicated to exploring what living a “healthy” lifestyle means for me, and through many different societal lenses. I am not trying to lose weight. I’m not using that definition of “diet”, but instead testing out these dietary commitments to gain insight into my own personal well-being (and to tell others what I experience!). **


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