Day 7: 1 Final Reflection on Health, Dieting and Self Image


A happy picture for a happy ending. Tulip garden around the state capital in Madison, WI.

Well, I made it! The end of my 7-Day Food Countdown has finally arrived. 6 days and 6 blog posts later, I find myself taking a more serious note to today’s final reflection of my Green-Eating Challenge.

At the beginning of the semester, I visited with a nutritionist at University Health Services here at UW-Madison so that I could make sure that my Green-Eating Challenge would not hinder my health in any way. I was worried about nutrient deficiencies and fatigue, but I left with another health risk I had not thought about… distorted self image.

I think as a girl, self image is never far out of thought. Trying to fit in with the new trends, hoping my eyeliner isn’t haphazardly smeared across my face, or even the simple assurance that I remembered to put on deodorant that morning… sometimes it’s the small things matter seem to matter the most.

I’ve never really been one to worry about my body image in its entirety as much as those little details that no one really notices. I guess in grade-school and high school I was lucky to have been involved in sports, and was always training for some season or another. I ate whatever I wanted with no second-thoughts. Although I knew plenty of other girls who were already dieting (in the traditional sense of the word), even before reaching high school.

With this blog, I wanted to make sure that my message was never about image, but about feeling healthy and being your best self. And that message was designed to stay in line with my own personal goals of finding what ‘healthy’ meant for me. I hope that anyone (female or male) reading my posts and watching my videos never feels the pressure to adhere to a dietary lifestyle simple with the goal of losing weight. I think that eating in a way that makes you feel your best, whatever that means to you personally, should be everyone’s top priority.

Restricting your diet in a way that promotes healthy habits is an incredible way to be more aware of what you put into your body on a daily basis. But I think even more importantly, is the chance to treat every meal as a decision in forming who you are as a individual and as a consumer. I certainly had an incredible experience opening my eyes to the way we view food as a society, and having the profound realization that there is so much more I can do to improve my health, and the health of our environment.  So I guess my final message for all of you (at least for now) is make every meal count in reflecting who you want to be, the best version of you.

Until next time everyone, and thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “Day 7: 1 Final Reflection on Health, Dieting and Self Image

  1. Nice Job covering so many choices in developing a healthy and thoughtful approach to our relationship with food! I appreciate your last entry, not only for the beautiful tulip pic, but also because of your comments re: body image. How we interact with food is so vital to how we feel about ourselves. So it’s important to separate our emotions from food choices. Nutrition is scientifically factual and rational, but eating is based on so many other factors including culture, family rules, and use of information. Thank you for covering the pros and cons of the popular approaches to eating. Food is meant to be enjoyable and fuel for our bodies, but also a reminder of how we interact with the environment and important people in our lives. Isn’t it reassuring that we can accomplish both nutrition and a value-based lifestyle with healthy food choices!

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