Veggie Living: Why you should make the switch.

Introducing just one more reason to switch from a meat-heavy diet to a veggie-lovers delight. Exposing some issues with meat production, and the role of meat consumption in our society.

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Editor’s note: (and yes, by editor I mean me because this is a one-woman show)

To be honest, I was worried about making this blog post. It is my first post that brings up opinions that are not shared by all, and brings attention to aspects of agriculture that house many strong feelings and emotions. Especially when an individual’s livelihood is brought to question.

What I would like to emphasize, is that the personal experiment that is taking place with this blog comes with the opportunity to learn. There are many types of farms, and farmers out there. If there was only one type of farm and one opinion, we would never be able to rise above, and constantly challenge, our current practices. And, ultimately, make sure that they are the best that they can be. In addition, if we are not able to accept our faults or listen to new ideas, then we will never be able to improve or grow.

This is also an experiment for my own health! I am taking on the challenge of experiencing 4 different dietary lifestyles first-hand, and seeing if I can feel a difference/improvement in my personal health.

My hope is to learn about all sides and all perspectives of agriculture and food systems, and how those mechanisms affect our health and the health of the environment. (Please read my About page if you have not done so already – ). Unfortunately, I only have time to make one blog post a week. This being said, one week may lean more towards one side of the story than the other. But in the end, I hope to address each perspective of food production. My intentions are not to accuse, put to blame, or ‘put down’ anyone’s means of livelihood or personal lifestyle choices. It is simply an opportunity to learn about alternative options, that may (or may not) be more friendly for our environment.

I must ask all of my viewers to please, please, please try to refrain from negative or destructive comments. Although I know that this request is futile for viewers that do not know me personally. This, again, is a learning opportunity (and not to mention for a class…) so please try to be supportive in my attempt at creating a place of conversation and collaboration for all who are passionate about food and our environmental health.

If you have any resources that you think may be helpful to me as I go through this process, please send them my way at I am always happy to learn more (and to learn about an unheard side of the conversation).

All the best,



5 thoughts on “Veggie Living: Why you should make the switch.

  1. Great video, I love how you highlight all of the reasons why one would become vegetarian, not just mistreatment of animals. While I still eat meat, I try to stay away from beef because of the heavy environmental impact cattle production has (also, my boyfriend really enjoys meat, but I’ve weaned him off beef for the most part). Also, great insights into how we as Americans think about meat. I think it will be hard to change our society from one of “bringing home the bacon” to one of “bringing home the broccoli”.

    • Thank you for the insight! Before this experiment, I had never tried to adhere to a diet like being a vegetarian (or at least more than simply attempting to eat more fruits and veggies), and it’s great to hear that you are actively influencing those around you. Also, love your takeaway. I may have to use that sometime in the future…”bring home the broccoli!” Yeah… doesn’t yet quite roll off the tongue.

  2. Aisha, this is a really great post. And no, you’re not being negative. There is a big difference between being critical and inquisitive and being straight-up negative. That said, I like that you discuss a meatless diet as a way to enhance your health and save the environment, not restrict yourself. I’m a ravenous meat eater, and this post was successful in making me reexamine my eating habits. But it didn’t make me feel bad about myself. Well done! It’s hard to weigh in on a controversial topic without offending someone, and I think you did that perfectly. Love, Shelby

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